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Originally Posted by chrisl456 View Post
Anyone know why it was in 4:3? I was pretty bummed when I discovered that it was 640x480.

I think I saw somewhere that Clannad is airing on multiple different channels. Did it premier on a non-HD channel or something? KyoAni stuff deserves not just 16:9, but full 720p glory IMHO.
I can answer that for you.

BS-i initially had the rights to broadcast the show in HD 16:9 goodness. However, TBS is the parent company of BS-i and were allocated the premiere. Since TBS don't broadcast in 16:9, KyoAni had to crop the anime to fit TBS specs. I'm not sure if they screen HD either.

However, with that being said, two other channels will also be broadcasting CLANNAD in between the wait from TBS and BS-i. MBS will screen CLANNAD on 14th October at 1:55am and CBC will screen on the 18th October at 3;20am (first broadcast time - regular = 2:50am).

The thing is, MBS may screen a downscaled SD broadcast in 16:9 - if Shana II is of any indication. We shall wait to find out.
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