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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
And originally Orihime lived in a shrine and died falling from stairs, but whatever :P
I think he made him a doctor so as to connect him to Ryuuken (having two morticians sounds kinda weird,iunno) and also to portrait him as a person who saves lives etc. or give Ichigo a good budget to eat off.
Pilot Bleach instead of Inoue Brother had a her father and there was a line that was so stupid that eighter funny or pitiful:
Hime's father said to Ichigo that he will never undestand the feelings of a father that misses his daughter, and Ichigo implied "I know I can't ,but..." XD Ichigo is 15 years old and at this point he knows that he won't ever have a child and if he will it will be a boy XD
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