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Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
Yea thanks

No, in every way to me she just looks like "a broken puppet".
Perhaps it was the shock of the past that broke her but she isn't "normal in the head" as far as I can see...just like how you ask someone out for a nightly jog but then use a bike (Reminds me of just how broke in the head Noe was too).
As for jumping right in there even though she knows that Touya isn't interested...well I don't actually think she is in denial but rather she doesn't comprehend "love". To me her attraction to him is more childlike and an affection you might have towards an older sibling (must be a thing due to her tragic past?). Her past personality sounds different from what she has become now.
I touched on that in my post too and im glad someone else spoke up on it. I agree with you DK i find her character interesting to a point i just want to know at this point in time what the hell makes the girl tick. She rarely shows emotion if ever and her speech is somewhat robotic and monotone like shes not quite all there. I cant tell if she actually interested in Touya or if hes just someone thats around for her to interact with. But I still find her interesting because shes an enigma. It is possible that she imprinting Touya with feelings of a big brother she hers was taking from her. This behavior is not unusual we often search alternatives to fill the void of something that we have lost.
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