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Originally Posted by Toua View Post
Of course, Kadokawa/NewType could have employed better wording, but even a rebroadcast announcement shouldn't be taken too lightly. It costs them money to rebroadcast an entire series (TV slots cost money), therefore they need a practical reason to go through it. At the very least, they could be planning a Haruhi Blu-ray release, although I'm basing this assumption on Kyoto Animation's third-party distributor's release patterns.
Well, whatever the outcome is, I really hope for a Bluray release in the near future, that's the main reason why I never purchased the Haruhi DVDs, but we are about 3 years later and still no BD?

Since the launch of the PS3 I stopped buying DVDs, and just buy BD now, after going HD, is too hard to go back

Either way next (or earlier if it gets leaked on 2ch) we will know what are the contents of the magazine, looking forward to it.
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