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Originally Posted by Mangonel View Post
I recall times when Negi was excited he'd 'leak' wind magic but I was under the assumption that Dark magic is specifically fueled by negative emotions whereas Negi's normal wind magic is fueled more by just determination/ability to use magic.
Of course I could be just pulling stuff out of my butt, thats always a possibility .

As far as being prone to anger I'm not sure if the Dark magic has an effect on that or not, Negi has always been protective of his students, if you recall the incident where he first found out some of his students were being mistreated as slaves. Considering its Fate's fault his students were scattered and put in danger, and the fact Negi has been brooding on this for almost a month, asking for Asuna as a trade was probably the last straw.

Whether or not Negi becoming a dark mage makes him easier to anger though is still hard to tell from what little we've seen of him after acquiring Magica Erebea.
Well, Negi's original training with Rakan semed to be about negative feelings. But I think that turned out to be total bull, seeing how silly it was most of the time. To end his training in the Phantasmagoria, Negi learned that all his experiences and feelings of dread and happiness should be used as his strength. They shouldn't be locked away. So yes, perhaps Negi's dark magic isn't fueled so much by emotions. As for his anger, I guess you could say that Fate just gets on his nerves that much.

But, who knows. There could be a much uglier side of dark magic + negative emotions.
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