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I agree partially ( I agree about the boys are view more perverted, even if women also...) , I don't know if you read Kodomo No Jikan, but it's the little girl who is pushy and daring, not the man (teacher in that case. ^^ )

To return to Negima, when we "see" the flat chested girls, like the twins (for example but we also have Honya-chan, Yue etc. even Anya) "nude" nobody say a thing. That just seem weird to me. ( When we saw Rin from Kodomo No Jikan, everyone was shocked, and just you see the contreversory in US and everywhere about this show...)

Back to the chapters of the manga now.

EDIT @ KoroshiyaX : When you have a little girl of 10 years old and a boy of 16, here also... age difference is "large" but won't matter later.

Oh well, that's off topic anyway, sorry for that.
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