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From the summary of ep 2-5 and from what I remember from the light novels, it looks like ep 4 starts to cover the events in vol 15. That means the events in vol 13 & 14 are covered in 3 episodes only.

This season seems to be most rushed and many scenes in the light novels will be cut out.
I think that was pretty obvious from the get-go, given that we know it's only 12 episodes and that it's going to be the final series. If they were going to follow the novels at all, it was going to be in an extremely abbreviated fashion. But, given the amount of time that's lapsed between now and the previous season, getting approval for more episodes was probably not an easy task... so we get what we get.

I for one will just be happy to arrive at some sort of conclusion for the whole cast and story, and it's fun to see them in action again. (As someone who hasn't read the novels, and understands that the previous seasons weren't particularly faithful to them, I'm not going to start worrying about it now...)
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