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Originally Posted by Sweetchinmusic
hey, the konami site is sooooo complicated lol. could you just recommend me a couple of good Prince of Tennis games? ones where you play tennis are good, though i wouldnt mind the other types you listed (dating sims etc.)

though the only prob with the dating sims is that for me it would be rubbish lol as i dont know japanese/chinese lol. only thing id be able to translate is kawamura's BURNING And Echizens mada mada dane lol.
The dating sim I own is "Rush & Dream" (PS2), but I don't recommend it unless you can read at least some Japanese. But the game is really funny and the CGs you can collect are so pretty!! And there are tennis minigames, because you have to train your character and defeat opponents in tennis matches (they're kind of hard...) to impress the character you like. ^_^

But my favorite part of the game is the "dream mode"!! Like the title implies, the game includes "dreams", which are.... really crazy. They give you weird scenes with characters doing really stupid stuff like flying or teleporting or forming a boy band or becoming the characters in Saiyuki or turning into Shinsengumi.

Here are a few random screencaps I took of the game a long time ago...
Spoiler for RUSH&DREAM game screencaps:

But if you want one where you can play tennis, I highly recommend Saikyou Team wo Kesseise yo! (PS2). In this game you get to play the coach. You pick five players and try to make a great team by selecting the training and doing other events to make sure your team's compatability and stats grow. You can also participate in tournaments where you get to play tennis matches (in awesome 3D!). You can also customize your team by teaching them special moves and other characters' moves! For example, if you want Sanada to learn "Kikumaru Beam", he can learn it and shout "Sanada beaaaaaaaam" when he does it (it's so funny!).

If you beat the game once (it's easy), you also unlock VS mode, where up to four people can play (fun party game!). You can either make two teams and have them go against eachother or play singles or doubles. The game is also completely voiced and has a lot of special moves to learn. There's also lots of stuff to unlock, such as a 100+ picture gallery, minigames (bowling!), and secret characters. You don't have to know any Japanese to enjoy the tennis matches.

The gameboy games are also good for simple tennis matches. Good for long traveling. ^^ But my favorite gameboy game is Minna no Oujisama because it's a bunch of fun/strange minigames. There's even a DDR minigame with Prince of Tennis songs as the music. ^^; (konami does make these games, after all...).

If you have more questions about the games, just ask. I just picked out my favorites. ^^ They're really addictive.... haha, I'm obsessed. I'm going to go broke on this hobby.... and the game that just came out looks so good too!!! I hear in this game you can put on a play (with full voice acting) by selecting the actors and script (similar to Suikoden 3's theater). So fun~~~
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