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Originally Posted by Eclipze
What if...he really DID a boomerang snake...but its considered out?
Then the ref is an idiot. Say the opponent hits a corner shot, and I run it down and hit it to his side, but because my angle is so far I don't even have to hit above the net but basically hit it to his side. That point would still be in, so if a boomerang were to happen, the ref should count it. (this just comes from playing tennis for so long)

Anyways, I can do a regular snake no problem. I can even do one with my backhand which puts a nasty slice on it so the ball veers to the left (right handed, so my slice makes the ball bounce left).

Tennis is fun. I wish more people would get into it.

Also, did Kawamura play in the match in the Nationals? He never really gets to play, outside of doubles 1 and that Hyotei match where it was set up so Echizen could play.

Hopefully the Nationals will happen so Seigaku plays Fudomine in the finals, not Rikkaidai.

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