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Originally Posted by Z'd Jung
and so on and so forth, etc. etc okaaay, i already gave up when i saw that it filled up the whole page so i'm gonna go on ignoring it. (no offense Zing ).

Anyway, i was going to say that Sousuke's gotta end up with Chidori, sure he's an absolute ####### (the rugby ep was ####### hilarious ) idiot socially but he's not going to be any better with Tessa and if anything, worse 'cause he only sees her as a superior officer, whereas he actually seems to react (to some extent) when it comes to Kaname, like in the Fumo Park ep in FMPF or the ep when Kaname said she hated him, he actually looked hurt. Besides, Kaname's got blue hair.

me 2 all the way chidory sasuke
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