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The stuff I use all are freeware but some (Commodo) require registering their product via email. Note all are for Windows OS'. All but Mediacoder I've had a while and have run without issues on a fairly basic laptop. I find most of these utilities in particular the Open Source utilities are light and don't eat up unnecessary space/resources and do a really good job.


Commodo Firewall
Commodo Antivirus
Lavasoft Adaware
Spybot Search and Destroy
CCleaner (registry and uninstaller tool)

Document/Imaging tools:

PDFCreator - Open SOurce
GIMP (clunky interface but if you don't have the $ to spend on Photoshop it does a good job Open Source)

Audio/Video tools

Mediacoder* (still learning to use this but it claims it can do a hell of a lot in terms of transcoding exotic file types Open Source)
Audiograbber - Cd ripper
Virtual DubMod

Burning utilities

Infrarecorder (very good simple to use GUI open Source)

Music/Recording Software

IRC Client

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