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Originally Posted by Narona View Post
I have a quetsion though, does he let squado hurt him on purpose, or was he unable to dodge it due to his physical condition?

I'm pretty sure the latter is the case. Marco even says that Whitebeard should have been able to dodge that attack, even if it were his own comrade attacking him. We saw how easily he stopped Ace's assassination attempts in those flashbacks, did we not? I wouldn't count that giant VA's "sneak attack" though, since that guy was stupid enough to shout out when he attacked Whitebeard in the first place ("Haha you let your guard down, now I'll kill- Oh crap, I got facequake'd").....

So yeah, it was Whitebeard's declining health that allowed him to get stabbed by his own son.....

Edit: Hmm, james0246 beat me to the answer. Oh well, at least the point will stand out more this way.
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