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I'm not talking about strength here. It takes more than being strong or being potentially strong in the future to lead a massive crew like the WB one, along with their 43 new world pirate allies. To start with, the WB crew seems to depend a lot on their captain for decision making (unlike the strawhats). In short, wisdom and leadership skills is required to lead the massive crew, which is why I believe experience would be more important.

Ace has the potential, he's fairly mature and he thinks before doing anything (unlike Luffy), but I loathe that he takes over the WB crew right after. I don't mind if he takes over in 5-10 years, when he has accumulated experience.
No one said he would take over right after WB, they just said he was preparing to make Ace pirate king, however long that may take. Secondly, even if we're talking in terms of experience, age doesn't instantly qualify you to be a leader. Isn't Luffy amongst the youngest in his crew? Isn't Aokiji a lot younger then many of the vice admirals? Marco himself looks younger than many of the people in Whitebeard's crew. Fact is, some people are born leaders, some people are not, age has nothing to do with it.
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