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Originally Posted by Sute443 View Post
The thing is, that isn't how BM remembers things happening, so he and LM are no longer connected. LM is no longer BM's past. If you try to justify it by saying LM can be mind-wiped of the events afterward, that would not explain why BM was deteriorating in the first place.
LM now exists outside of his original timestream completely, which is why BM is deteriorating in the first place: Paradox is destroying him. He no longer HAS a past.

He's somewhat shielded from this due to the odd mechanics of time planes, his status as a time traveler, and his own will to survive.

If BM somehow moves to the main universe, he, too, will no longer exist in his original timestream... and be a distinct individual completely separate from his younger self, now bound to the timeline of the main universe.

This will STOP the deterioration, though it will not reverse it.

Does this make some kind of sense? I can change it if need be.

Originally Posted by Sute443 View Post
Or is it just going to be that causality has been really screwed up by what is happening, so nobody has to pay attention to it anymore?
Sort of, actually: BM even makes this point: Suzumiya is Anti-Causality itself. (Of course, that's assuming that what happened was the doing of a Suzumiya in the first place.)

Although, really, I don't have to pay attention to causality because of the nature of visual novels. I'll leave it up to you guys to figure out what that means. It's always nice to justify things, though.

Originally Posted by DJ_RockmanX View Post
Methinks you're oversimplifying it a bit much. But we won't have to worry about this until you get to that part anyway.
Hmm? How so?
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