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Originally Posted by Selofain View Post
Plenty. But not in my world. So now that my workload is considerably lightened until finals week, howzabouts throwing summa dem artwork at me to work at? Is there artwork for me to work on?
Unfortunately, not a whole lot at the moment. I'm alive, but haven't been able to really sit down and draw lately. We also haven't really discussed in-depth file size, types, colors and everything else that's supposed to belong in a design bible. All these things should probably be figured out sooner rather than later so that everyone's on the same page. Everyone who works on outlining characters needs to know at what thickness the lines must be, and those doing colors need to be working off the same palette so that all uniforms are... well... uniform. When I get some time, I'll try discussing these things with Danchou, Kaisos, and Heatth.
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