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Episode 1 - Tiger and Dragon

What an enjoyable episode, truly. Ryuji's misfortune made me laugh yet again. You can't help but feel bad for the guy, he really does try hard.

And the DVD was awesome. White subtitles, great translation (kept itadakimasu)... if only more releases were like this.

Featured Interview Excerpt:

MAJIMA Junji as TAKASU Ryuji

>> Out of Taiga, Minori and Ami, who would you choose?
"Me? It's difficult to choose from those three... (laughs) I'd get an ulcer if I went with Taiga. Minori is attractive, but I can't follow what she says at all. Ami seems normal, but she is sort of two-faced, so that's tough as well. Being in a relationship with any of those three requries a lot of courage, but it would be fun to share a classroom with them. I was a goody-goody like Ryuji when I was in school, so I'd love to be part of that class and enjoy student life with them."

See how he dodged that question, lol.

>>What was your favorite scene from Episodes 1-4?
"Episode 2, when Ryuji says "Since ancient times, only dragons stand on equal grounds with tigers." It's a scene that really represents the theme of Toradora! I also like the scene in Episode 1 where Taiga rolls out of the locker , and the close ups of Inko-chan."

I liked Taiga rolling out of the locker too.

Novel Excerpt:

Here is the novel's description of Ryuji's dad. I felt more of an impression from it than that quick picture we had in the anime.
Spoiler for Light Novel - Vol. 1:
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