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Originally Posted by X_Danny_X View Post
do you guys think Natsu and Lucy will become an item? this is where it seems it is headed judging by all what has been giving.

though Natsu hasn't shown any interest in any girl since he hasn't been taught the Birds & the Bees yet.

though i never heard it either, lol
I hope so. I like the Natsu and Lucy pair up. I really don't like Lisanna for Natsu. Also, Natsu does seem to be very interested in Lucy based on several chapters or omakes but I doubt we will ever get a chapter that will dedicate a real development of romance between the two.

Originally Posted by tera_ha View Post
i dont say this for many anime girls but i find lucy really hot
I agree. Lucy is really one hot anime chick. Hiro Mashima did an excellent job in her design.
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