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Originally Posted by FlavoryFantasy View Post
So this thread went from cats ---> some random/awkward stuff ---> moeified fast food overlords?

Crazy thread this is... at least there's no more cats...!
Originally Posted by Hasumi View Post
^ It'll be fine with you as long as there are lolis, right?
what if i combine them?

Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Sumeragi cosplaying as Bridget.

SaintessHeart cosplaying as Shirogane Naoto.
DO IT! I give you as much money as you need to make this happens. Ask me if you want SEAL Team to capture saintess

Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
We need some more dangos here.

Guess what dango is this

Spoiler for answer:
*TL Note: Better than
Skype and Teamspeak

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