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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Sigh I can't believe people are still falling for that; to use the best way to describe it it's the best team-up (I would say 'pair-up' but people would still misunderstand) meaning neutral.

Naturally the most favorite couple would be the most popular team-up because that's how fans roll, but there was nothing inherently romance about the manga poll.
There's always a small hint of romance, I mean, its a harem serie, and people would like for it to have a conclusive, realistic ending, which means an end to the potential harem, making Touma settle with one.

Now, although the Touma x Index ending is the most obvious, I'm a fan of the Touma x Misaka and Touma x Kaori

about the latter, Kaori would first need to admit that she is at least interested in him... second, stop being so brash whenever she is with him (Volume 1, Angel Fall, Fist half of England Civil War, etc...), and third, she has to get an "Onee-san/landlord type of Aura"
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