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Originally Posted by NeoSam View Post
That image is on the official site of Comic High! magazine.

It clearly says on Comic High's site: shoujo manga magazine for males.

Manga from this magazine gets published under the seinen comic imprint Action Comics.
Maybe it'll be the next volume cover? (would be nice if it was)

Originally Posted by Vexx
@Thany: I'll just say I've always written and spoken the way I do and its been quite valuable in my life and career - most people understand me quite well so I'm probably not going to be changing the way I use english.
Don't go cry to me if more peoples misinterpret like I did (and probably a lot others too) the next sentences you'll make

Originally Posted by Vexx
What I've read of the manga so far (3 volumes) has been quite funny -- it doesn't really matter if someone labels it "loli" or not.
Well it's quite obvious it's loli, given the fair amount of stuffs that happen, it's probably not for peoples who dislike loli^^

However, I'm still wondering how far they'll go on the anime version, because it's well known that animes conversions tends to censor a lot
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