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Originally Posted by Candy72
Okay, I'll try to explain. When I first downloaded the file it comes compressed with winrar. I then extracted that to a different folder and burned what was there to the cd. I don't see a single file called ISO.

The file before extracted is called WS03SP1_RTM_1830_PX6_EN. I'm going to try burning that file alone to a disc and see what happen. And I'm not going to set Nero to boot anything. Post back soon on the results.

Update. I tried just burning the WS03SP1_RTM_1830_PX6_EN. It doesn't seem to work as a boot up disc.

Update 2. WS03SP1_RTM_1830_PX6_EN is actually WS03SP1_RTM_1830_PX6_EN.iso.
Ah...did you try burning the "WS03SP1_RTM_1830_PX6_EN.iso" as a image file in Nero?
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