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Originally Posted by Tak View Post
I said knocked out, I did not say double penetration (fuck, that sounds dirty).
Well then, elaborate further when you make statements, Tak. You were inplying double penetration. (And yes, the does sound dirty. )

And I take it you did not sense my disagreement? Or you didn't see what I thought about the Firefly and its purpose?
No, I take it you didn't realise that the quotation marks around "inferior" meant that TK was being sarcastic.

Episode 2.
Time in minutes and seconds, please; failing that, the scene in question. And suspension of disbelief means we must accept everything on screen as real.

Lol, I sound like arkh now. I'd better stop.

Why are you talking to me about naval guns? I think I stated pretty clear in my last episode that I don't give a shit about them.
You don't give a shit about them, true - but at least, if you're wanting to look a bit more credible, you'll use the correct terminology, no? Besides, take a look at this:
Spoiler for CV9040:

This is the Swedish CV9040 IFV using the Bofors 40mm L70 gun. Naval guns, of up to 127mm caliber, can do similar rates of fire (it's said the 127mm gun on the Kongo and Atago-class Aegis DDGs can do 6-round burst). It can be done with a 40mm. It's only a matter of time before they do it with a 120mm tank gun.

I don't care what they are called, they weren't the focus of the discussion anyway. It was Tk3997 who brought them up out of nowhere and called them cannons. If you have a problem with his use of incorrect nomenclature, please complain to him. As for me, I never wanted to talk about this naval gun/cannon comparison bullshit in the first place. We were talking about tank weapons, not naval ones.
The point that was being made, which you seem to have ignored and forgotten, was that you were saying that that ROF was impossible, even for a tank gun with autoloader. TK then pointed out that naval guns can do that rate of fire. I pointed out that the Bofors 40mm can also do a similar ROF, which you ignored, throwing out your excuse that it's a naval gun, not a tank gun.

So I'll point you to the youtube vids above of the CV9040 in action. That's 40mm. And while the CV9040 is a "mere" IFV, the upscaling potential is obvious and logical. It's only a matter of time before someone makes 90mm and then 120mm rapidfire tank guns.

While Valkyria is clearly inspired by the era that is World War II, it did not use the era as a blue print, and that we are playing a game where supernatural powers and magical fuel sources are acceptable.
I'm aware of that. It's just that in most tech levels you start out with bolt-action, then go to semiauto, then burst, then full auto. Skipping the initial start point just causes a raised eyebrow on my part.

*shrugs* Oh well. This just makes my VC/Nanoha crossover more viable. *cackles with glee*

Originally Posted by Tak View Post
Correction, the German E-series did make it to prototype stage, but like the Edelweiss, it was sitting in a garage and never produced as the war came to an end.
Indeed? Oh well, more power to it, then.

And the Edelweiss was exactly that, a Prototype that was not tested nor produced in numbers greater than 1.
It's kinda hard to be a prototype when you don't exactly do testing... it's more of a proof of concept. A real prototype gets put through its paces and tested (and will eventually number more than 1 - the two YF-22 prototypes, for instance, or the early 6 Tomcat prototypes used to test different aspects of the Tomcat package).

But yes, I'm rather surprised myself at this first statement I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Mind you, in the end this is all untimately pointless;full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
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