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Eh, I don't know. The characters seem a bit too 'cute'. I do understand, though, given the nature of the manga, but in particular Arcueid is bugging me a bit. I think the style fits Saber a lot, but Arc's hair and face somehow seem a bit off.

Of course, this is just nitpicking from a big Arc fanboy, so, it should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm more interested on how it's going to look from an animation point of view, given that I never heard of the studio handling it. The director is also a bit of a hit or miss, seeing as I enjoyed Sunred but detested Angel Beats! and that abomination called Ragnarok Online. So eh, we'll see!

That said though, what really caught my attention about the staff is that ANN is listing the composer for this series as Yasuharu Takanashi. If so, then here's another good reason for me to watch it, aside from being able to see Arc once again!

I think it should really be clarified that the Tsukihime anime is not really "Tsukihime" as it really was, or what I could remember of it. It's Tsukihime in name only, frankly you could have given it a different name and it would be a completely different series altogether.
You guys might've watched a different Tsukihime anime than I did. And read a different game, as well. Although since 'it does not exist', it's rather hard to believe that you've actually watched it. Therefore comments such as these are understandable. It is my opinion that while it might not have been perfect as an adaptation, it built a very nice atmosphere, at the very least, which was something the Fate anime failed miserably to do. For some reason, though, the latter is never classified as 'non-existant', and I think it's pretty arguable about which series changed the story around more in order to explain stuff. Remember dragons? And the whole Caster deal? Along with some half-assed attempts to cram in information from other routes? Well, I do! But somehow it seems like details such as these are easily forgotten by most people. Along with how Tsukihime anime probably did not have half of the budget that Fate had, and how it also needed to be adapted into a one cour show, along other details. Neither of them were good adaptations, but Tsukihime at least felt like an interesting show at times. Fate, well, not to me! Zero tension whatsoever.

Oh well, I apologize in case I come off as being rude, it's not my intention, but this particular subject is one which I really find myself unable to agree with most people's criticism. And well, sorry for bringing this over again, since it apparently was already dead, and is actually deviating a bit into off-topic. I just felt like voicing my own opinion on the matter.

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