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Originally Posted by grevierr View Post
Pictures do speak a thousand words And I went through phrase by phrase with the translator to pick up the meanings. It really increased my Jap understanding. I'm now good enough to understand by listening. Still can't do anything if its just text though.
Keep it up. You'll get better if you don't stop learning the language. :3

Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
Series are going to have a game for PS3 and Xbox360.
Originally Posted by grylsyjaeger View Post
Oh yes!!

Finally piloting TSFs in a game!
Originally Posted by liemtodaisu View Post
Wut?!! I thought it's just gonna be a visual novel.
Rough translation of a sentence in the article.

As for what kind of content the game version will end up having, it still remains unknown at the moment.

Content is still unknown. I'm more inclined to think that its a vn to be honest.

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