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Originally Posted by icebreaker View Post
Honestly the only ending that makes sense in my mind now is - Kirino finally understanding that her brother isn't an omnipotent superhero, understanding what Manami said 3 years ago about having feelings for her brother would only cause trouble for everyone, forgive her brother, and let Kyousuke and herself live a happy life with someone else respectively.

I find no reason to hate any character, or to especially like any character, Fushimi has been amazing in illustrating each character's development and reason behind their actions.
I agree with you for the most part, I feel you are spot on in my opinion at least. Even if they do live happy lives with different people, its obvious they are still going to be very close for the rest of their lives unless something drastic happens in the final volume.

Fushimi created a really well rounded cast, the only really weak character at all to me is Kanako but I see her as more of a gag character so it makes sense that she is weaker in terms of development. Besides her however, every other girl has had a good amount of development and been present throughout the story playing some role.
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