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Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
Not sure, but the 12/22 date thingie in fertygo's pic might be an important date for Jojobros.
I wouldn't bank on it, because its not midnight clock.. apparently its referring to some kind of event.
Originally Posted by RollingPenguin View Post
Stardust Crusaders OVA series was a crappy adaptation that completely missed the eccentric spirit of the original and took itself very seriously,making Jojo appear like your average shonen anime.
This looks great,I am very glad that they kept the same director but I just hope this will be 3 cours otherwise it would be impossible to adapt the entirety of the manga.
For 2000's OVA I Can agree, but 90's OVA was fantastic and involving legend like Satoshi Kon and Mitsuo Iso. The last 2 episode was fantastic. I hope its get blu-ray re-release.
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