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Originally Posted by RollingPenguin View Post
Stardust Crusaders OVA series was a crappy adaptation that completely missed the eccentric spirit of the original and took itself very seriously,making Jojo appear like your average shonen anime.
This looks great,I am very glad that they kept the same director but I just hope this will be 3 cours otherwise it would be impossible to adapt the entirety of the manga.
2 cours should be alright. They can easily shorten or even skip some of the battles. In fact, that would probably be for the best.

Stardust Crusaders is being released again in my country so I've been re-reading it as I buy it, and I have to say it's not as great as I remember. If you take away the fact it was the part that introduced the very novel concept of stands, it's one of the weakest part of Jojo imo. The story is straightforward and progresses extremely slowly, the monster of the week format gets old really fast, and the fights are not as creative as the ones from later parts. It's still good but it has a lot of flaws. I'm more interested in seeing part 4 and beyond animated.
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