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Unpopular opinion here: While I liked the last 2 minutes, mainly because of Anne, the episode was full of emotional manipulation and forced feels. It's really surprising to me that wherever I go, the reviews, opinions are unquestionably positive, when this is really a prime example of the forced feels negative criticism that a lot of haters like to use about these kind of anime. It was obvious that the mother was gonna die, it was obvious that the letters are meant for Anne. So why is this particular episode rated that highly? And this is coming from someone, who is not unfamiliar of crying, yet I was deadpan for 16 minutes...
Various reasons? If I say why I liked it, I'll just be another person who likes it. Better start some sort of poll then if you want to know the details. :P

For me I liked how the drama was executed and what the episode conveyed. The key take away for Violet's development in this episode was to show the contrast to her character compared to her oblivious and insensitive self before her existential crisis. Compare her from ep 7 to ep 10. The fact that she's more perceptive about people's feelings without heavily relying on projecting her experience to others is a huge development already. In ep 8 she did not know what she had done nor she felt Oscar's pain and suffering. She was only able to connect to herself through the story that Oscar has modeled after his late daughter. With Anne's case, she genuinely felt her pain since at this moment she already knew what loss is.

Another theme I can relate to is the subject of living on borrowed time. Was the theme cheap? Far from it.

The pain of a loved one with a terminal sickness who is spending their very limited time fulfilling obligations rather than spending it all with those whom he loved so much.

For my case it's the other way around. I was the one scrambling elsewhere to accomplish the things my father bid me to do. I was the one always stuck in a 5 hour traffic on each trip while he was laying on his bed and growing weaker by the moment. Precious time which could have been spent together with him. Even though he pushed me to do those things I never viewed them as wasted time. Still, he wanted me to finish it. He was willing to sacrifice his remaining time just so that he can secure our family's future.

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