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Originally Posted by felix View Post
So, are you implying positive rep is constructive?

Also since the entire system is annonymous it's kind of hard to argue "every negative rep is undeserved/unconstructive" when you only see yours.
I don't try to prove that all are undeserved/unconstructive, i just want to state that most are (do i need statistically proven here?). And do you suggest that, many will provide constructive comment through the anonymous negative reputation system rather than the wall of PM?

And positive rep is more or less constructive, or at least encouraging constructive behaviors
Originally Posted by Konakaga View Post
If they seem overly insulting or rude you should consider reporting them, as the mods can see whom places what rep .
Can we do that? Need some mods confirm on this.

What is the penalty btw? Is it the same with rude posts?
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