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Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
Yes you can, and yes it is. As we have noted in the Forum Rules regarding reputation, the general rules of our forum apply to the reputation system as well, and we ask that people report any such violations. They will receive the same treatment as any other flaming/insulting message/post, provided the comment is indeed of such nature, and the comment in question will be removed from your profile so you are no longer exposed to it.

Note that we will not, however, remove negative reputations themselves, so please don't petition us to remove ones you think as "unjustified". The system is meant to be harmless fluff, even if people sometimes tend to take it too seriously, so the AS staff won't ever act as judges to determine the "validity" of reputations. Ensuring that the system is used with the same basic civility that we demand of the rest of the forum is very much within our interest though, so if you feel that a comment is stepping outside the line, don't feel shy about reporting it.
Cool then.

Yeah the negative points things are not in my concern, the personal offense coming alone often is

Originally Posted by felix View Post
If you want to claim most/all are then yes providing some proof would be in order. Just like with anything else.

Only when they are public, and only when multiple people rep the same post. Otherwise it's just random, or like Skyfall put it, just fluff.

Reputation is pretty stupid, you shouldn't take it so seriously.

And what "encouraging constructive behaviors"? The only thing it encourages is heavy retaliation against things (ie. hating/defending series to the death) and fanboy antics. Since extreme things like that are the only things as I recall you're likely to get rep for.
What do you expect? Putting up surveys on forums members to see how many person think neg rep's comments are abused? Or ask mods to investigate a group of samples and find out how many was offensive?

If you expect claims on forum have to be backed up by statistics every time, i think you took the net too serious. As while i prefer the forum environment to be more pleasant, i'm not gonna goes that far. I only can claim most of the comments along negative rep were rude and would not be tolerated if it was following rules (as Skyfall mentioned). The argument is backed up by mere common senses and the few examples that i can remember (which i prefer not to state publicly).

On the positive reputation. Yes, i believe the positive reputations do encourage people to make better arguments, or more ready to provide helps to fellow members (answer questions, identify images, make free avatars...etc...). The whole fanboy antics you mentioned are always been set off by negative reps, making those with most reps in the forum often to be in Graphic or Art sections (or those have been with AS since the start). But once again, i concern more on the anonymous nature of the reputation system, rather than the points themselves
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