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How many users have you seen with more than 1 red rep bar? Now compare that to the number of users with over 4 green ones, in my few years here I've never seen anyone getting the cold shoulder due to rep. On the other hand, most people are ready to +rep for jokes, punchlines or holding similar views over a matter - would you call these justified?
None, the highest negative I've encountered has "- can only hope to improve" on it. But I know that those who have negatives and are notorious for troll-bait posts would opt to leave the forums before the second red bar comes up.

While I definatly "play the game" when it comes to reputation,that's all I consider it to be,a game.I definatly don't judge the credibility of a poster based on his or her reputation, and I definatly would advise newer posters not to either.
It's not their fault to judge a person by his reputation; it's just like wanting to read a new novel and you come up with an author that you're already familiar with. You're most likely to pick up a Paulo Coelho book than a Stephanie Meyer book if you hate Twilight, for example.
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