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the worst thing about gsd was the rehashed suits and stuff.
strike freedom(stock footage)=freedom which ripedoff alot of suits.
infinite justice=justice
neo genesis=genesis
destiny gundam= v2 gundam(easy to miss)
saviour gundam=zeta gundam
zaku warrior=zaku
gouf ignited= gouf
dom trooper= dom
here's how shinn became a god moder
(shinn in destiny gundam fighting a bunch of windams)
shinn's thoughts:man i'm so sick of all theese bastards coming wave after wave.
(takes a bunch of them out)
random e.a.grunt: what the hell is that thing! (shots at shinn)
(shinn blocks then kills the grunt with his cannon)
another grunt: (to another grunt)steve let's get out of here!
steve: right joe.
(shinn kills joe)
(shinn stops right in front of steve)
steve:my god...
(shinn kills steve with his mobile suit's fist)

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