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Originally Posted by Illuyankas
Yeah, considering that you just have a very heavily armed, large unmanuverable tank against a fast skilled pilot whose speciality is blowing up large targets (ships, fanbases etc.) up close, where the active defenses can't protect it.
Good points btw ES, good points.
Consideing that large unmaneuverable tank was easily holding off Kira in the Freedom, I'd say you're not giving the Destroy enough credit.

But then you'll say that Kira was plot-deviced to make the Destroy look stronger, or that Shinn was plot-deviced to be stronger so he could get in the hit that Kira never got. (since the only times Kira hit the Destroy was when Stellar was losing/lost control of herself, the first right after when Stellar thought Neo was killed, and the second being when Stellar just totally snapped)

Then that'll lead to more debating about plot-devices and stuff, so let's just bypass all that and move on now.

But from the material in PHASE 32, disregarding whatever plot-devicing there is, Shinn did much better than Kira in that fight. Kira's own rise to GOD-dom is in itself a plot device anyway, since grunts lose all maneuvering/evasive ability against him, even in GSEED. And the plot-devicing against ace pilots fighting Kira in GSD...nope. I'm gonna stop myself there. That horse has been beaten to a pulp.
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