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Besides, most of what Kira did to Destroy was to fire at long range at it with beams, his speciality, against which Destroy's multiple light shields are particularly effective. Shinn got up close before attacking, faster than the pilot could react and turn on the shields. Shinn's tactics were more suited to the enemy than Kira's were - plot device or no plot device. How many Destroys were exploded at long-range?

well in that same Ep kira try to attack the destroy with the beam saber.... and what did he get? a beam shield Rofl... i wonder what happen to those beam shield when impulse went in for attack rofl stellar forgot toturn them on Rofl coughplotdevicecough

i feel sorry for the Earth Forces it was always a 1sid battle with the minerva crew
atleast in GS they owned ORB

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