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Originally Posted by IcExAlcHeMy View Post
is the wii graphics engine that horrible to make the graphics look similar to xenosaga? or is monolith being lazy on their part? i don't own a wii nor was ever interested in it. this is from me seeing some of the screenshots of the girl and guy interacting.
The enviroments features are nice, look at the grass. So i don't think the engine is that bad. You can argue about how the characters are modeled, i know a lot of people are complaining about that girl's neck, but that is not the engine's fault, it is an artist decision.
I think it was a bad choice to rename it to xenoblade, now you got all the fans trying to compare it with xenosaga. But then again it i probably easier to remember than Monado.

Btw on the official homepage has the lastest trailer added to it, with better quality.
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