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Halsey is definitely a tragic figure. She was made a political scapegoat by ONI for the shady nature of the Spartan II programme. Bear in mind she wouldn't have got the go-ahead if the higher-ups didn't turn a blind eye to the kidnappings and the high mortality rates of the augmentations. Everybody was desperate during the war and Halsey saw the need to be the necessary evil.

But as Rising Dragon has stated, she found solace in caring for the children and in turn she earned the respect and loyalty of the Spartans. The way Palmer and others reacted to her presence may be attributed to not having been made aware the full details of the Spartan II programme (the UNSC had been in full denial until about halfway through the war. Even then the precise nature of the programme was still top secret).

So it's unfair that she's being made out to be some sort of stereotypical Nazi doctor from the Holocaust, but she presented herself an easy target for the brass to justify their actions (or inaction) and to shift the blame on. It goes to show how nasty people can get when politics is involved.

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