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Should I retake or not @__@???

Okay here it is, my going on to senior year of high school and yes, like someone's thread before(Yakult I believe), I am pressed to apply for colleges. The only thing is, I have a dilemma.

I took the SAT I, which all of you know, is a very important test to college admission. The only thing is, I scored 80 points below my dream score (dream score: 2300, I got 2220). This has been pondering in my mind for a while now, but should I retake it??? Do I really need to retake it(I don't really have the skills anymore >< Have to redo all the stuff)

Here's my other profile for reference:
Spoiler for profile:

That's about all, so should I retake my SAT I??? It has been a really hard decision for me so I'm asking for your opinions.

(my dream school is Stanford ><)
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