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Originally Posted by Ice Climbers View Post
Okay here it is, my going on to senior year of high school and yes, like someone's thread before(Yakult I believe), I am pressed to apply for colleges. The only thing is, I have a dilemma.

I took the SAT I, which all of you know, is a very important test to college admission. The only thing is, I scored 80 points below my dream score (dream score: 2300, I got 2220). This has been pondering in my mind for a while now, but should I retake it??? Do I really need to retake it(I don't really have the skills anymore >< Have to redo all the stuff)

Here's my other profile for reference:
Spoiler for profile:

That's about all, so should I retake my SAT I??? It has been a really hard decision for me so I'm asking for your opinions.

(my dream school is Stanford ><)
You're fine. You're better off spending your time on crafting a magnificent college essay than fidget over 80 points. You should remember that if you're trying Stanford, chances are there are a lot of people above and below your score anyway, and fighting tooth and nail on that playing field alone is simply poor strategy. That essay should help you stand out.

Stanford is a beautiful place. Best of luck!

[Cynic] Geez...what's with all those SoCal kids going insane when they have 2220...I know a girl who came from there and even I think she's academically suicidal. [/Cynic]
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