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USofA uses SAT I and SAT II I believe. How it worked for me (I took the SAT's back when there was no essay writing part), our school offered the SAT I test a couple weekends out of the school year. You could sign up, go out to the school at like 9 in the morning on a Saturday and then take the test. For my college entrance, they looked at a mix between my academic transcript, class rank, activities, and of course SAT I scores to see if they would admit me.

I know the USofA does offer a PSAT for students who have never taken the SAT before.. it's kind of like a prep test. Many of the schools also offer a SAT prep course during one of your high school years.

In my opinion, SAT's and standardized tests are really overrated in America. These days teachers just teach to whatever is on the test, and it ends up hurting the students because they can do well on the test at the expense of not learning some of the other important concepts in the subject matter. But alas, that's politics for ya.
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