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Originally Posted by Baru View Post
Buying a bootleg is like spending money for a torrent on a disc, it's stupid...

Motivation to buy anime DVDs should be to support shows you like and the struggling creators and industry.

The non-buying attitude among certain factions of fandom is something that has really come to irritate me as of late, it just boggles my mind how the anime community has degenerated so far. [/rant]

Larger version of new cover:

I agree, if the money profits someone else, then it's wrong. However, as much as I'd love to empathize with you, there is no sane reason why you should spend (originally) $70 for a single season of any show that has only the most basic of features. Not everyone can afford spending upwards of $500 on anime discs, even at the cons for 5-7 series. From the reports direct out of Funimation, they can't even keep the boxset on the shelves (at THAT price point).

And, on a personal note, I support this franchise in many, MANY ways. I hope that you are not insinuating that I belong in the same category as the vapid leeches.
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