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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Really ? It's been a strange year, I figured anything could happen especially given it's unholy rise to fame from the Anime so I had fully expect it to enter at number 10.

Besides, as people kept reminding me, popularity and quality are two different things.

Second, I'm actually glad we get some new names and faces this year


Funny, given Haruhi's God-like sales I would had figure her return to be more of a threat, but the title barely made an impression. Their positions were in the lower end of the top ten while SAO had become a really big player for this year.
There's no way IS will get into top 10. If you've read past top 10s, you would know what I mean. And people who vote in this read light novels; they are not anime-only watchers.

Popularity, quality, and sales are different things. FYI, this ranking is poll based, which means it's popularity based.

Enkan has been around for some time and was ranked 44th last year.

Note the polls ended last month. Rettousei (29) was first released in July, with just 2 volumes when the poll ended. Though people who had voted probably read the web version. But this just indicates how strong it is to get Dengeki to commercialize it.
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