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Originally Posted by ion475 View Post
All in all, just a weird ranking...

Top 3 is expected, then #4, #7, and #9 = ??? (I've heard of Ame no Hi no Iris). Then, SeiZon somehow fall all the way to #32, surprised that Sakura-sou (#16 last year) didn't even make Top 50 (Okay, I do have personal bias on that, but still...).
Lol, never mind SeiZon, did you see how far Monogatari and Durarara fell

Originally Posted by ion475 View Post
As far as Female Character Ranking (It's the most important ranking in the Ko no LN ga Sugoi anyway...), oh well, yet another year of Biribiri. SAO can't quite pull the Index-like sweep last year (#1 in Novel, Male, Female, and Illustrator) and finish #2. Of course, Kuroneko > Kirino and Meat > Yozora = WIN WIN.
You missed out Author category as well

This year instead of a sweep of #1 for Index, it still manage to retain a strong grip on the #2 positions

Originally Posted by ion475 View Post
At the end - I've heard of most of the novels in Top 20 (Not that I read all of them...), but something IS off, just too many no name novels for a ranking based on popularity...

P.S. #57 is Kinsei Tokkyu by Ureshino Kimi
Isn't it better to get some new blood into the mix?


Originally Posted by larethian View Post
There's no way IS will get into top 10. If you've read past top 10s, you would know what I mean. And people who vote in this read light novels; they are not anime-only watchers.
Yeah Teh_ping told me the same thing, but you know... It's been a strange year... >.>

Originally Posted by larethian View Post
Popularity, quality, and sales are different things. FYI, this ranking is poll based, which means it's popularity based.
I'm certain sales and popularity and more or less linked somehow

Then again, for it's crazy sales numbers, the return of Haruhi didn't really take the rankings by storm as much as I thought.

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