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First, I did make a mistake about's not over yet. But with only 2 volumes come out this year, though, I'm not very surprised that it fell...

And we have a very niche novel on System Engineers at 25.
At least it's not a complete unknown (Okay, I only saw it on those Amazon Japan recommendation...). Its sale is okay (I only found Vol. 4 on Oricon, and it's like ~11000 for first week, which is better than a bunch of novels, I mean, it did break the 10k barrier...)

As far as sales v. popularity - The bestselling novels are going to be somewhere among the top no matter what anyway...on the other hand, there's Circlet Girl (Seriously, it has been around for 4 years, never went anywhere, and now suddenly it's 4th...)

EDIT: Just noticed another surprised omission in Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai. I mean, knowing that it sales ~30k per volume, at least it's not an unknown and can't even make Top 60, right?

Another Edit: Latest volume of Rettousei (Just released) sale ~50k first week. So it definitely has a following.

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