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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
So, I am a bit slow, but I didn't realise until this link that the Reira is actually a former Britannian Noble. Am I the last to find out? It's just that this has interesting implications. Why did a former Noble fight against the Empire in Europe? And what happened that allowed her to be trusted as an officer?

And it seems Anna is her childhood friend, and some sort of crazy genius who single-handedly designed the Alexander.

And what's a civilian Neuroscientist doing in the cast? That's a rather strange job description in a mecha anime. Is Sophie studying Geass? Who knows, but that's my guess.
We've seen some 3D images of brain in trailer, so maybe she is studying geass, or how does it effect humans...

Or it has nothing to do with geass at all.
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