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Originally Posted by zaeraal View Post
Sorry for doublepost, but spoilers are out
Spoiler for size:
Why must she be beaten to a pulp like that when I'm starting to like her?!! Is this a curse?!!! Kamachi!! WHY?!!!! Do you want to write a guromanga or something?!!! (TwT)
BTW is it me or I'm starting to feel some yuri vibes emanating from her?
... oh reminds me of a scene from Kenichi
... oh that bridge reminds me of the Acqua arc
... oh Miko-chin is so cute
... oh who's that cute girl with double-pigtail

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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Ah-ha, now we're getting somewhere.

Remember, it's only a Toaru series when girls start to get beat up.
Well, see Kongou being beaten really gives the feeling that I'm watching the show right.
Lol, call it a series tradition to always have a girl getting beat up and tortured almost every arc
I really don't understand you guys (TwT)

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oh great poor Kongou. That Baba fat arse. He need to eat hell railgun.
Finally someone with a little common sense!! (TwT)

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Originally Posted by js06
Baba is then brutalized by water powers to the point of being traumatized and becoming deathly afraid of water and drowning.
Cue his predicament in Volume 15
Serves him right!!!
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