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Originally Posted by Tempest Dynasty View Post
Because I am cruel and heartless. Whereas Satashi brings fluff and waff, I bring sorrow.

Or at least, I hope so. :3

It's Thursday, so guess what? Yep.


Enjoy "Phenoptosis," the phenomenon of Programmed Death.

Why do people write so much sad stuff? It was very well written, but very sad.

Originally Posted by Junkedcat View Post
Yep, her kids are the blaster bits. I kind of visualize them as hyperactive mini RH's (about the relative size a ten year old is to a 20 year old).

Spoiler for Source of some of my inspration:

Blaster bits? Is that what they are called? I've always thought of them as 'Funnels'... for obvious reasons.

Why does everyone (exageration) keep using ! in place of spaces? Like Vampire!Fate for example.

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post

A.) Nanoha
B.) Fate


I'd say it'd be most important to have another A. next. Although I'm concerned that it wont make sense if we don't hear from Fate for too long.
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