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One Piece Romance Dawn: Start of an Adventure (PSP/3DS)

Surprise! Looks like Kaizoku Musou/Pirate Warriors won't be the ONLY OP game to be released this year! A new OP game is in development for the PSP, and it's an RPG, to boot! I'm not sure how far it'll go storyline-wise, but it's been confirmed that it'll start from the East Blue arcs. My guess is that it'll go up to the point of the timeskip like Pirate Warriors. Here's the first scan for the game:


Definitely looks cool! We won't have too long to wait either, as the game will be released this winter! Still, I'm unsure about the chances of this being localized..... We may be getting Pirate Warriors since it's a simple action game, but an RPG is a different story......
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