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^Mind you, I'm not expecting it to be a masterpiece myself, but it doesn't really NEED to be one as long as it's fun. And to be perfectly frank, I've been getting more enjoyment out of my PSP lately than from any of the "big" console releases....

Actually, speaking of PSP and RPGs, I think it would be cool if the battle system were something like Last Ranker's. I always liked how that title's battle system felt sort of like a fighting game's (you could even manually block and counter attacks, which is really cool, IMO). But yeah, I know I probably shouldn't get my hopes up so high......
Don't get me wrong Gigant Battle 2 was fun but there could of been more stages and the support characters could of been playable just like the other casts. It won't be a few years for another one because of the upcoming Arcs. Kaizoku is a huge disappointment as well. They gave you a small amount of characters to play, No online and a limited moveset. Yeah let's go play that .

The PSP version doesn't look fun but they have to sacrifice something to make this game somewhat playable.
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