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Personally, I wish that there was a sequel to that GBA One Piece game that Dimps made eons ago (which was, interestingly, only released in the USA!). Again, it wasn't the greatest, but I felt it did a lot of things right (nice 2D visuals, simple, fun gameplay, a translation that was ironically more faithful to the source material than the horrid 4Kids dub (which was still running at the time the game was released)). The only real gripes I had with it was that Luffy was the only playable character (the other Straw-Hats were only used as assist characters), and the story only reached as far as the end of the East Blue saga. In an ideal world, I'd love to see a sequel that covers the beginning of the Grand Line adventures up to the Marineford arc, but once again, I'm not getting my hopes up too high.....

As for Pirate Warriors, I'm not really surprised that the player roster is pretty low (that's where the inevitable sequel(s) will come in to beef up the cast), but my only real disappointment is that they axed levels based on Skypiea and Thriller Bark (there's also the Davy Back Fight, but I think I'm the only one who'd care about that). That's why I'm hoping this RPG will at least cover more ground storyline-wise than these other games since that's a genre with a stronger emphasis on story in the first place....
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