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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
As for Pirate Warriors, I'm not really surprised that the player roster is pretty low (that's where the inevitable sequel(s) will come in to beef up the cast), but my only real disappointment is that they axed levels based on Skypiea and Thriller Bark (there's also the Davy Back Fight, but I think I'm the only one who'd care about that). That's why I'm hoping this RPG will at least cover more ground storyline-wise than these other games since that's a genre with a stronger emphasis on story in the first place....
If there is to be a sequel, I hope it's more of a remake of Pirate Warriors itself for ALL consoles with the following updates:

New playable characters
New enemies and bosses
Added story levels
Character biography and gallery (including mini-story characters)
DLC content of non canon events and characters from anime fillers (such as Warship Island, Rainbow Mist, Ocean's Dream, etc.), movies (such as Dead End Adventure, Curse of the Sacred Sword, Strong World, etc.), and video games (such as Round the Land featuring Blyue with his shrinking powers, Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands featuring Simon with his paper powers, Unlimited Adventure and Unlimited Cruise)

As for the second half of the One Piece story in video games, we would have to wait until there are enough events (including its final arc) to see it entirely.
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